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Overseas real estate investment tips ── "Long Term, Big Fish" Together with the Philippine real estate market, it will be 20 years of gold

Expected Price

As an international metropolis, Manila still has 1-2 times the room for appreciation.


In 2030, the population of Manila will exceed 30 million, and the domestic demand for real estate will be unprecedented.

Location Key

Located in an important place in the Asia-Pacific region, an important partner along the Belt and Road, guaranteeing economic potential.

Foreign Exchange

Tens of millions of overseas workers repurchase domestic real estate with more than 10 billion US dollars of foreign exchange every year.

About Us

Why Choose Philippines?

Overseas real estate investment has become an emerging choice, and the most promising one is the Tiger of ASEAN—the Philippines. The economic take-off of the Philippines has created a strong housing market supported by the middle class, with housing prices rising by 10-12% a year; international business centers have settled in one after another, housing rental supply exceeds demand, and the rental return rate reaches 5-7%. Looking at the 20-year growth period of gold in the Philippine real estate market, as the data show that the Manila housing price index has been rising year by year, it can be said that the longer you hold it, the more profitable it will be.

Why choose Us?

Founded in 2015, Philippine Property Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is the first company specializing in Philippine real estate in Hong Kong. The company directly cooperates with the top five local developers to deal with the sale and leasing of first-hand and second-hand Philippine real estate properties in the Philippines. The company also acts as an agent for applying for a Philippine green card, and assists immigrants in investment and education.

Confidence Guarantee

"...An open business climate has brought a dazzling market, outstanding economic performance, and a series of huge business opportunities."
"Philippines is across land, a shining star in a dark sky..."
“PH 'bright star in a dim sky' over region..."
“The Philippines has the most resilient economy. If a recession similar to the economic crisis of the past decade happened again, the Philippines would be the ‘most resilient’ country and would be able to withstand it, despite its status as an emerging economic market.”
"The Philippines is more attuned to economic fluctuations." PH in better shape to weather volatility.
"The Philippines has been among the fastest growing economies in Asia over the past three years."
PH among fastest-growing economies in Asia for the past 3 years.